Workshop program

3.00 p.m. Workshop opening


                Prof. dr inż., dr n.f. Piotr Marecki – Rector of WSIZ in Bielsko-Biała

3.05 p.m. Introductory speech


                prof. Mgr. Roman Jašek, Ph.D., DBA - Faculty of Applied Informatics,

                Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence, Tomaš Bata University in Zlín

3.10 p.m. Introductory speech


                doc. Mgr. Petr Suchánek, Ph.D. - Silesian University in Opava, School of Business

                Administration in Karviná

3.15 p.m. Introductory speech


                PaedDr. Július Alcnauer, PhD. - Faculty of Management and Business,

                Department of Finance, Accounting and Mathematical Methods, University of Prešov

3.20 p.m Ph.D. students’ presentations


                Ing. Tereza Ikášová
                Factors Influencing Conversions on the Corporate Website - Research Plan


                Ing. Martin Strmiska
                Quasipolynomials and Their Use in Systems Control


                Ing. Martina Žabčíková
                Detection of Concealed Information Using Electroencephalography

3.50 p.m. Alumni Presentations


                inż. Filip Pieronkiewicz
                The IT System for Remote Battery Status Monitoring


                inż. Hubert Torowski
                The IT System for Monitoring the Patient's Health

4.10 p.m. Diploma students’ presentations


                Branislav Baranko
                The Analysis of Risks Created by Fake Video, Hoax
                Kamil Wlazło

                The Decision-Making Simulator of the Logistics System

                Konrad Staroń

                The Database Linguistic System

                Dominik Mynarski

                Modelling and Simulation of the Selection of Executive Resources for the Implementation of Dedicated Logistics Tasks

4.40 p.m Coffee break

4.50 p.m. Students’ presentations

                Katarzyna Rdzanek, Patryk Kamiński

                Frontend Test Automation as an Underestimated Element of the Software Development Process

                Michał Firszt

                Real-time Application Features


                Dariusz Put, Krzysztof Klęka

                Automation of Process Integration in E-commerce


                Bartosz Mreńca, Patrycja Ferfecka

                Comparative Implementation of Modern Methods of Managing the Digitization of Society


                Wojciech Gwóźdź, Marek Załuski

                The Impact of the Visual Identity of a Brand on Electronic Commerce

5.30 p.m Coffee break

5.40 p.m Students’ presentations


                Dawid Hutyra, Karol Płonka, Łukasz Pawiński

                Optimizing Modern Websites on the Example of Emp@tia


                Kamil Mojeździk, Davide Betlej

                The Psychology of Colours in the E-commerce Business


                Oliwia Kubera-Szwed, Jakub Sumera, Paweł Kłoda

                Creation of Conference Systems Using Content Management Systems


                Michał Kuczera, Maciej Bojan

                Website Positioning Support in E-marketing Processes


                Mateusz Kasperek, Daniel Kasprzyk

                Augmented Reality - Application in the Automotive Industry

6.20 p.m. Workshop closing