Workshop program

3.00 p.m.    Workshop opening


                   Prof. dr inż., dr n.f. Piotr Marecki – Rector of WSIZ in Bielsko-Biała

3.10 p.m.    Introductory speech


                   prof. Mgr. Roman Jašek, Ph.D., DBA - Faculty of Applied Informatics, Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence,
                   Tomas Bata University in Zlín

3.15 p.m.    Introductory speech


                   doc. Mgr. Petr Suchánek, Ph.D. - Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karviná

3.20 p.m.    Introductory speech


                   PaedDr. Július Alcnauer, PhD. University of Prešov

3.25 p.m.    Students’ presentations


                   SEO - Optimization and Positioning of Websites

                   Natalia Herma, Radosław Gibas


                   The Analysis of Addictions to Electronic Communication

                   Dawid Kołodziej, Krzysztof Zarębski


                   Dropshipping - How to Make Money without Capital
                   Kacper Formas, Krystian Kapa


                   The Analysis of the Impact of Visual Values on Commercial Goals of an Enterprise

                   Cyprian Górny, Paulina Sapińska


                   The Use of Integrated Information Systems in Manufacturing Companies

                   Patrycja Kozieł, Martyna Raszyk


                   Development and Security of Internet Payments

                   Marcin Kołodziej, Remigiusz Opach


                   The Analysis of the Issue of Tag-based File Systems

                   Katarzyna Skrzyp, Piotr Duda


                   Internet Marketing Content Analysis

                   Patrycja Woźniak, Igor Godlewski


                   The Analysis of the Client's Offer - Adobe Inc.
                   Adam Białkowski, Patryk Wójcik

4.20 p.m     Coffee break

4.30 p.m.    Students’ presentations


                   Optimization of the Mailing Campaign and the Impact of the Newsletter Form on the Marketing Traffic
                   Izabela Mizia, Nicol Szewczyk


                   The Analysis of Product Photo Discrepancy Problems in an Online Store
                   Karol Góral, Jakub Seidel


                   Implementation of the Multiplatform Phenomenon for Creating Startups

                   Michał Firszt, Bartłomiej Greń


                   The Analysis of the Blockchain's Impact on the Financial Sector

                   Anna Surma, Kamil Stasica

5.00 p.m.    Alumni presentations


                   The Computer Simulator of Production Processes
                   inż. Marcin Krzemień


                   Monitoring of Photovoltaic Panels

                   inż. Mariusz Bratkowski


                   The Computer Simulator of Distribution Processes

                   inż. Piotr Kubala

5.30 p.m.   Workshop closing